Web Development

We specialize in bespoke fully customized web application solutions package to suit all your web presence and business continuity needs.

Web Design

Our professional team with 15 years experience combined will be able to assist you in the entire design process while training your staff for future maintenance.

Custom Illustration

We have trained our skilled illustrator team to make custom illustrations for all your web requirements. This means a unique design for all our projects to stand out.


Charles Stafford

Charles Stafford

Chief Information Officer

Charles is a seasoned veteran in the IT world. He has been a vital member of many web startups during the first internet boom in the early 2000’s. He heads the Information Processing team and is the final word on everything published on the project websites.

Chuck enjoys hiking, trail biking and mountain climbing whenever he has free time. He has a dog named Skip.

Carolina Melis

Carolina Melis

Founder & CEO

Carolina started this company after learning that she had the skills to create websites that were appealing and functional. Her first project was her personal blog, which became an overnight success. She sold her first blog for $50,000 in 1999.

Carolina enjoys cross-fit training and ballroom dancing. She is also a big fan of Adele and Miley Cyrus.

Rick Soorken

Rick Soorken

Lead Developer

Rick started to program at age ten when he got an Apple II computer for his birthday. He hasn’t stopped writing code and tinkering with gadgets since. He knows the ins and outs of web and¬†software development like the back of his hand.

Rick is also an excellent guitar player who regularly rocks with his local hometown band, The Binary Coders.