It’s every artist’s dream to turn their vivid imagination into reality. This can be done in many ways. Formerly, the artist brought their imagination into reality via paintings, sculptures and architectural masterpieces. There are numerous types of paintings and drawings that have been created by different artists in order to bring their fertile imaginations to the canvas. Many artists also do graffiti or big illustrations in order to bring their imagination alive in 2D. Formerly, it was sometimes tough realizing what was imagined. But today, this has gotten much easier. With technology, bringing your imagination to life has become a piece of cake. The most interesting part is that unlike formerly, the imagination can even be made into a three-dimensional representation or a movie. The graphic design and animation field is very capable of doing this.

Here are a few things that are required in order to make your imagination become reality through designs, illustrations, and graphics:


Alignments are the basics of creating any design of a graphic.  It helps create a sharp and well-balanced design, with everything easily visible to the viewer. If the objects are properly aligned in a graphic, a design or a layout, it will have a much cleaner look and the messiness that was formerly making the design look complicated will be erased. There are many options in the various software used to create designs that can help you align each and every element with the other. The clearer the design, the more attractive it looks.

Creativity into Reality

Having a set workflow will make the design process as painless as possible, eliminating headaches in the process.


Now the second step is the classifying of the elements according to their importance. A design or a graphic is made of numerous small elements arranged together to form a unit. Now, some of these elements are to be highlighted and others to be used as the background. So, it is very important to select which element needs to be put out front and which needs to be pushed to the back. The basic rule to this is that the large fonts should be placed above all the information, just like a heading. Or the shapes can alternatively be used as the focal points. So, whatever the main message of your design it has to be used as a focal point, which means that it needs to be arranged in such a manner that when a person looks at your design, the first thing he sees is your message.


Another feature that lets you focus on the main points of the design is the contrast of the elements. This is usually done with the two opposite elements in a design like black and white, modern and traditional, thick and thin and other such things. This is usually helpful in highlighting the important stuff and also helps in organizing the elements of the design.

Recent years saw great improvements in web design tools, although standards are still not set for all media users

Color and texture

Color and textures are two of the biggest elements for bringing the imagination to reality. Colors are the basic components that make any design look alive. The different colors used can give out a totally different message every time. It is very important to choose the colors efficiently and in sync with each other. If two extremely contrasting colors are used in one design, the design becomes repulsive. Another important thing is the texture of the graphics used in the design. The color and the texture needs to match each other. If you are creating a three-dimensional design, the use of proper textures becomes even more important.


We have already discussed the fact that proper use of graphics is important for excellent designing. Similarly, the use of proper spacing is also important. It is essential to know just what places in the design need to be left blank in order to give it a better look.

These are the few components of the design that need to be kept in mind while bringing your imagination into reality.