There are a lot of schools and colleges with the best faculties to teach students web designing, illustration, and graphics. Here is a list of some of them. This is important because finding a good institute can be essential in shaping your future in that field.

Rhode Island School Of Design

Considered a first choice school among students of graphic designing and illustrations, the Rhode Island School of Design is one of the best institutions in the world. Besides eventually granting eligible students a bachelors/ masters degree, the curriculum is said to be one of the best and innovative in the whole world. The courses available are website design, web illustration, magazine and poster designing, and much more. The college has excellent faculties and some of the best studios for teaching students the intricacies of the art form. Every year there is a visiting famous designer available to help students learn designing in a more professional way.

Learning the basic principles of design is the best way to start your career in graphic arts

Florence Design School,  Florence, Italy

One of the most  famous schools of design, the Florence Design School located in Italy is among the top choices for graphic design students. They have numerous graduation programs, with a time duration of one to three years. Each program is equivalent to a masters or a bachelor’s degree. They enthusiastically believe in providing students with a traditional knowledge of the art, before leading them to the computerized basis. The best part about studying there is that they pay special emphasis to building a portfolio of the student, throughout his/her years of study in the school.

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, USA

Being one of the best graphic design and illustration school for over 85 years, the Art Center College of Design has produced some of the best artists of our time. Their teaching strategy involves imparting their students with the knowledge of the basics of traditional drawing and graphic designing skills. Their program is carefully designed keeping in mind the modern world of graphic design and illustration. Once they finish their schooling the placement percentage of their students is very high. Their program is divided into eight terms, with each relating to the study of a new art form. They have working professionals as faculty who are currently pursuing careers in their respective fields. They also possess two campuses.

Pacific Design Academy, Canada

If you want to learn graphic designing in-depth, this is the college to opt for. Situated in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, this college is one of the finest in the whole of Europe. They offer a graphic designing course that include typography, illustrations, copywriting, photography, marketing, classic manual illustrations and image manipulation. There are available courses that run programs that include the teaching of the effective use of some of the best software used for website design and illustration. They also offer certificate courses and part-time programs for students that want to get a proper grasp of the subject in their spare time.

Top Institutes to Learn the Intricacies of and Have a Careaer in the Field of Design/Illustrations and Graphics

Though it may seem trivial to some, using pen and paper is still one of the easiest ways to learn any skill

The New School, New York USA

This is one of the best graphic design schools that provide an online campus, along with the traditional physical campus. They have some of the best faculty for teaching graphic design and illustration. Their classes can be accessed from anywhere in the world once you have registered for it. The courses are perfect for students that have not had any prior experience in the field of design and illustration. They allow students to finish the degree in one year, which is equivalent to a proper two years associate degree. There are also full time bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs available.