Digital Arts is a type of art that uses digital technology in order to create artistic works. These artistic works can include paintings, sculptures, printing and much more. The art is either created by scanning pictures into a computer or by using various software to make a picture of the prototype. The advancement of technology has crept into the art field as well and every art form has become digitized. To make a greater percentage of the world see your art, it is very important to digitize it. The internet is the biggest platform for publicizing anything and digital arts makes the most of this. A digital artist can be an illustrator, a painter, an animator or a sculptor. The only thing common among all these is the use of computers and technology to create art.


There is a huge scope of work for the people who want to make their careers in the fields of digital arts. Here are a few career options to choose from:

This realistic looking scene is actually a digital rendition created using CGI

Movies and Films

The movie and film industries are the biggest and richest stage for a digital artist. Most movies that are made require special effects and editing. To do this many, digital artists are hired. What they do are not limited to special movies as all movies require some form of editing. The animated movie industry in one of the biggest movie markets. There are thousands of ideas that need to be brought to reality and digital artists of various sorts are required in order to achieve this. Creativity is very important for success in this field.

Another place where digital artists are required is in sci-fi movies. There is a huge need for special effects in these movies. Which is just as well because the science fiction movie sector is growing tremendously. In fact, just one movie might require a lot of work to be done by many digital artists. In addition to this, the photography industry also needs a lot of digital artists to improve pictures and create impressive designs for their prints and pictures. There is a lot of editing and digital works manipulation going on behind the creation of a magazine, newspaper or web article and this requires a digital artist. Having the perfect set of skills and creativity can take a digital artist to a very high position in the movie and print industry. The best part is that this is a very lucrative job.

Television and the Internet

Another place where digital artists are in huge demand is on internet websites and in the television industry. Just like movies, animation has become a very big part of the television industry. Unlike movies, there is a constant need for new content every day to run a particular program or a TV show. For example, cartoon channels have thousands of animated shows that play every day and require a new story-line. This needs a lot of graphic artwork and animation. There is thus a big scope for constant work in the television industry. Science fiction shows are trending these days and like movies require a lot of special effects. Digital artists, therefore, play a very big role in the success of these shows. In addition to this, there is a lot of content on the internet and websites that require digital artists to create graphics for them. Web designers are required to get these websites up and running, while digital artists make the content available. Thus, the world wide web is a huge opportunity for digital artists to make it big.

Console gaming is one of the fastest growing areas of web and game development in the last decade.


Gaming is becoming increasingly popular. In earlier days games were only targeted at the younger generation. But with new ideas and technologies pouring in, gaming has quickly become an essential part of everyone’s lives. There are games you can play on computers, mobiles, and other such gadgets. Each such platform requires graphic designers to design games for the specific platform. Thousands of games are being introduced each and every day, with all requiring digital artists to create them. This is a very lucrative industry and has a lot of scope of work for the digital artists.

Apart from these mentioned industries, digital artists can also showcase their work in galleries and online platforms for people to appreciate and purchase. There is a huge demand for graphic art and the market for it is growing rapidly. So, starting a freelance career in the field of digital arts can be a well-considered decision. The best part of a career in the digital arts is that there are many options to choose from and you can jump from one to the other as you wish.