Going to college is a really big step. It is part of the informal list of things that one has to do in their lives, so people look forward to it, even though they don’t always make it there or end up hating it. Depending on what the major is. So when a person picks a major like digital arts, parents are often not too happy about it.

Cum 4K – Start With Basics

Cum4K - Digital Art

Cum4K – Digital Art

First things first. To become a great digital artist not only education is crucial. You need to have some kind of passionate thing that’s making your world go round. Cum4K? Yes! Internal creampies are a perfect example of having niche hobby. This series has been created using the latest ultra definition cameras and let’s be honest – creampies aren’t popular in the adult world due to all the risks they are supposed to bring. This is changing now, today! Cum 4K is ready to show how things are done! In digital world of entertainment.

The Problem With Parents

First of all, from the very definition, digital arts involve the digital age, something that mostly the millennials can relate to. So I would not expect my parents to be so excited about it. When you think about it, digital arts do not have the same ring as medicine, law, economics or accounting. As a matter of fact, digital arts for the older generation sounds something that could be done as a co-curricular activity in high school.

What they need to understand though is that the future lies in being digital. Most of the doctors that perform all the really complex medical operations are soon going to be replaced by robots anyways. Same thing with accountants and engineers. But people who study digital arts will always find jobs. They will never run out because one person will always try to outdo the other person on social media. And social media is mostly driven by artists.

Social Media Is Underrated

It would be really hard to explain some of these concepts to some parents, and it only gets worse once they think that social media is cool. It won’t be long before social media skills are legit subjects in schools. It might sound a bit farfetched, but take a moment and reflect on it. Among some of the richest people in the world are socialites. And the job of socialites is basically just to be on social media. So then if socialites make a lot of money just by showing off, then why would parents not encourage it?

Now I’m just spit balling here but would it not be great if the digital era got more incorporated into the school curriculums? It irks me when people don’t get that studying digital arts does not lead to a life on the road struggling in the hot sun trying to find gigs. This is sadly the cliché assumption of what digital arts is all about? In fact, digital arts allow people to be behind the scenes, in which case they are needed more in order to make the superstars shine in the spotlight.

People Who Just Don’t Get It

Having friends who just do not get digital arts is really hard as well, so having them around is yet another struggle.  For instance, a question would pop up like, “why do you need to study digital arts, when everyone can already do it?” Like no Carol, studying it is not the same as taking selfies. This is a very ignorant question, but it could be coming from a person who is studying a ‘big shot’ course like medicine.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

The answer is very simple though. Without digital arts, most of what is social media would either be non-existent or irrelevant. Digital arts enable people to create the apps that keep us all glued to our screens. It creates the celebrities that we love and look up to. It transforms lives by helping people to connect and exchange information. So while ignorance is bliss, it is costly as well.

I would say that my biggest pet peeve is when people make condescending comments on a topic which they completely know nothing about. As long as a person is doing what makes them happy, then nothing else should even matter. But then again, what would be the best way to explain to my grandmother that being insta famous is a real job?