Digital Arts, Web Designing, Illustration and Graphic designing are interconnected forms of art that require a set of electronic and mechanical tools to go about them. With the need for technology and with various technological forms of art in today’s world, there is a huge scope in careers in these fields. If you are an artist and are interested in building a career in these aforementioned fields, here are a few steps that can help you achieve your dream.


The first step in making a career in digital arts, web designing, illustration, and graphics is to get a formal education on it. If you have the core basics, it will easier for you to understand your future work. Opt for a good institution or a school to learn your respective skills. The basis of any art form is to learn how to draw. So, keeping your drawing skills on point and regular practicing it is important. It is also important to maintain your grades. Grades are a mirror of how hard you are working and how fruitful that work is.

Computer Technology

This is another part of the education that you need in order to have a successful career in graphic designing, web designing and illustration. The knowledge of computer sciences and its different forms is very important. Computer technology is used in every place and being well versed in it gives you an extra edge over others. Learning the operation of different software and programming languages is also very essential.

Science and technology are two of the biggest markets with great potential for web development and design applications.

Science and Tech

Many people ignore the fact that a knowledge of science and scientific technology is also very important for people wanting to pursue their careers in these fields. Most of the software that you work with are based on the principles of physics and mathematics. So, it is not only about being creative and designing things but of also having full knowledge of the art.


The immediate step after getting a degree and acquiring knowledge of all the basics of the art form is to find a mentor that can teach you how best to work in that field. Although a college provides all the necessary theoretical knowledge about the art form, the actual practical knowledge comes from working with a mentor. Finding a nice place and applying for an internship there could be one of the biggest decisions of your career. Working under a good mentor not only helps you learn how the work is done but also solidifies your work ethic. And since you have a clear basic understanding of the field from your education, you can easily grasp everything and succeed.

Creating Your Own Art Portfolio

Working with a professional gives you a lot of space to create your own samples of artwork. These samples can be analyzed by your mentor and he/she can help you build your professional portfolio. The portfolio is very important when applying for a job. A portfolio gives the first impression of your work quality and is the basis on which a company hires its employees. So, you the artist need to showcase your best works using portfolios.

Show Your Talent

After successfully getting a job, it’s the time for you to show your talents. Unlike an internship, an actual job comes with a given set of responsibilities. There is a scope to showcase your talents in the best way possible and a very big chance to grow in that field. In most cases, the jobs that are given to freshers are to basically work under a senior artist. Pitching in ideas and creating new designs can bring you into the limelight. Being creative within the boundaries of the instructions given is a great way to showcase your talent in the workplace. This will not only help you get promoted but will also gift you with a good reputation.

The world wide web has created many channels and avenues to share your work with the rest of the world.

Be Social

Being social is another thing that you need to do to have a successful career in these fields. Making good contacts and attending important events in the workplace can give you a lot of exposure for more prospective job offers.

Market Yourself

With social media being all the rage these days, marketing yourself has never been easier. Put your work on the social media and you can become really famous. This will not only attract interested people but potential employers as well. You can make your own website and publish your art in there. Working freelance is also another way to make a name for yourself.

These are the few steps that can be followed in order to have a successful career in the fields of Digital Arts, Web Designing, Illustration and Graphic designing.