“Digital Art.”

The rate at which technology is transforming digital arts in this modern day is mind-boggling. Work being done in a strange and extraordinary way through the help of sophisticated technological concepts. Before we talk about the effect of technology on digital arts, it is paramount that we know what digital art is.

Digital Art: What It Means

Digital art has been creating significant effects in different aspects of human endeavors, including the cultural field that comprises of tangible and concrete piece of arts. Digital technology, such as computer graphic techniques or virtual reality have become avenues through which artists now revolutionize traditional arts. It is basically a modern tool that helps artists in creative transformation, turning creativity into reality.

Perv Moms – Example of Adult Video Art

Perv Moms – example of digital art in video form.

Making digital art means many different things in various industries. Being a digital artist doesn’t mean you have to shoot photos and then digitally edit them. Not even close. You can be a producer of great video series and present it to broader audience. Take this website dedicated to perverted moms. It’s called Perv Mom for a reason. In digital way, it’s showing how corrupted and perverted mothers can be. Step mothers have a specific way of living inside new families. Their step sons are going to be involved in some quality seduction episodes and they don’t even know it yet. That’s foxy!

“Effect Of Technology.”

The Effect Of Technology On Digital Art

Technology has transformed art in an amazing way. For instance, the impressionist would have struggled to paint outdoors without the creation of portable paint tubes. Nobody would have heard of Andy Warhol if not for silkscreen printing. Truth be told, technology has been offering artists with modern ways of expressing themselves for a period now.

Moreover, over the past years, technology and art have become more entwined than ever before. Whether it is through offering modern ways of mixing various forms of media, enabling more human interactions or simply allowing the process of creating, it is less complicated.

Matt Valoatto, the CEO of Curioos described digital art as the pop art of the twenty-first century and these modern digital tools focus on promoting and giving art a different and amazing form. For the first time in the history of art, artists have found their alter ego of collectors, same references, and same age

However, some people still believe that art digitalization refers to quality impoverishment. Any human, with a laptop or computer, has the ability to draw and paint, using different tools and can have access to tons of clients from the comfort of his home. For others, they think art is no longer special and therefore, gradually losing its sense of beauty or uniqueness.

However, Matt Valoatto views this in a different way. He believes quality still remains the key and can be maintained. It’s quite difficult to find your way into Curioos because it is done strictly by invitation and just 15% of them will have the opportunity of displaying their art pieces on the site.

Having said all this, it cannot be gainsaid that digital art has experienced a huge transformation in the last century.